All about the Vegetables!


Why plant ordinary seeds when you can choose from a wealth of extra ordinary varieties?

This year my favourite is an heirloom variety of pea from Pennard Plants Not only are the pea pods distinctive but the flower was as pretty as any Sweet Pea. I’m currently growing the ‘Tall, Purple Podded Pea’ in my vegetable garden but it could have had pride of place in the flower border.

I’m often asked about my photography technique and the best answer I can give is “It’s all about the light and freshness of produce”.  The photos of the peas were all created using soft, natural light coming through the window.

Keeping the peas fresh between shots!

Keeping the peas fresh between shots!


My assistant Hattie is constantly reminding me to create ‘sets’ of pictures, so along with my five mushrooms and five turnips, I now have a companion picture with peas which is ready to be up loaded to the online shop.

All in all it’s been a great month. With one week left of July and Marlborough Open Studios finished, I am going to make sure that I don’t miss the moment with other unusual varieties growing in the garden. Watch this space!

Deborah Husk