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Business Photography


Deborah has worked with a diverse range of businesses. She is able to capture the essence and detail of sculptures through to focusing on texture and lifestyle for home furnishing products. Her creative mind understands the challenges individual businesses face presenting their products in a way that effectively communicates to clients. Deborah strongly believes in a thorough consultation prior to your shoot to ensure your project is executed to the highest standard.

Find out more about the consultation process here.

Deborah can be relied upon to exceed requirements for images with good humour and patience. It is also a relief to work with a photographer who is always on time and in budget.
— Fenella Elms
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After initial contact, a written customised quote for the images/hours of work will be provided, taking into consideration the shoot location, the number and complexity of the images and the project's timescale. At this stage it is advisable to know the end use of the images. If definitive information is not available, an estimate will be provided; variations from the estimate will be notified during the shoot.




Clients are welcome to stay during a shoot.  If this is not an option, progress images from the shoot can be emailed for approval. The list of agreed shots is used as a basis for the session. 
For new clients, the photographer will suggest visual references are supplied to ensure that both parties share the same vision.




Post production processing ensures that the images edited to a professional standard. The images are sized according to your specification and available in both high resolution, for printing, and low resolution, for web use. Images are sent to the client via a FTP unless a DVD/memory stick is preferred.
The client may use the images for printed or web publicity/marketing.

Deborah’s images made our artisanal range really stand out on line and she was superb to work with. We loved her creativity and huge attention to detail but also her highly efficient and productive way of working